Our Engineering and Data Science Team

Engineering department is at the heart of Project Agora

Our Engineering Team

Our engineering team consists of more than 100 engineers, each one dedicated to constructing technology in environments at the forefront of Media Technology SaaS. These empower top local publishers and retailers so as to get the maximum values out of their visitors, managing a staggering 20 billion impressions each month. Our technological team is able to grow in technical excellence by harnessing practices that drive high-performance standards every single time.

We are solution providers to thousands of web systems utilized by millions of end users. Our services are running on the cloud, following cutting-edge features, such as serverless for optimal reliability and scalability.


Our Engineering Principles

In order to further our mission to keep the Open Web Open, our engineering principles have inspired us, helping to set us apart as an organization, and motivate us to go that extra length every single day at Project Agora.

We provide real value to our customers by helping them maximize their impact so that they can invest back in content and services for their local communities. Helping and solving their problems is our top priority. We enable our partners to enjoy vast rates of success by supporting them every step of the way, helping them to understand problems, design a brand-new experience or repair any bugs they may require fixing.

We have a responsibility to provide safe and healthy online solutions that will enable our partners to make informed decisions. To do so, we are flexible, data-driven and always learning. We maintain the strictest of standards by delivering code that meets our high-quality specifications. All our product development Engineering teams consist of Developers, QA, DevOps and Product Owners (POs) and follow Agile and Scrum processes supporting continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD).  We think and act as Web Guardians who test our products and build confidence in the quality that we offer to achieve our goals and maintain our company mission. 

We’re growing rapidly, and in order to ensure this growth is a success, we work with the best talent so as to offer amazing value to our loyal and cherished customers. We embrace the culture of learning from others by sharing practices and regularly hold training and workshops that will help leverage their knowledge and improve their skills.

Collaboration is key. We achieve this through the end-to-end Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) processes from requirements discovery and creation to releases using Behavior Driven Development (BDD) that encourages collaboration among product owners, developers, quality assurance testers, and customer engineers. Our teams enjoy paid learning and education programs throughout the year. We help our engineers to grow and evolve, both as individuals, and as a team.

Here at Project Agora, we prioritize clarity. We share plans, designs, and tools that we can use to engage in discussions. We ask all the right questions, and we think before we even begin the initial developing stage. We keep up on what we’ve got to do, and we ensure that what we’re building still makes a lasting impact. We utilize the latest technologies and innovative processes and strive for excellence, while also learning from any blips and missteps along the way. We value the simplicity and straightforward implementation that our customers can enjoy through our services. Our retrospectives for each project help us to ensure that we’re constantly looking for new opportunities to improve and enhance the way in which we work.

As Engineers, we like to build things while breaking them down and experimenting with others in the process. We challenge ourselves to come back to the workplace by going the extra mile each and every single time making room for joy, honest feedback and an open mind. 

Curiosity is in our DNA. Our goal is to be driven to self-educate and self-develop. We ask why things are done a certain way, and then find a way to do them better. Engineers who want to advance their skills require a self-driven mentality. We can help establish this mentality. Starting with the onboarding phase, we help our teams to learn new ideas while holding them responsible for taking action and boosting their growth and development. 

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