Project Agora 2023 Strategy Event Kicks Off Energetically!

Project Agora Strategy Event 2023

Project Agora’s, a TDG company, annual Strategy Event kicked off in Patras, Greece, attended by all of our colleagues from around the world. Under the theme Energy: The Power to Act’ the two-day event included educational workshops, visionary talks, and team-building activities focused on collaboration and innovation. The event’s theme explored the various forms of energy that drive our world and emphasized the importance of personal and collective energy to achieve great things. 

According to Project Agora’s Chief Executive Officer, Alex Karageorgis, “It is through connecting with our team that we realize a common vision of growth and prepare future challenges. Project Agora’s power comes from its people who energize the company, and this annual event is the best way to create a common understanding of how we go farther together by joining our energy towards a single goal”.

Charging ahead, it’s clear that Project Agora’s success will be fueled by the power of collective energy and action. The 2023 Strategy Event has reinforced the need for innovation and collaboration, laying the foundation for the company’s future growth. 

Alex Karageorgis, Chief Executive Officer of Project Agora
Nikos Komninos, Managing Director of Project Agora

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